Your Place of Sage Family

Your Place of Sage Family

Greetings to you!

Yay, it’s spring!

I’m leaving this post up for the month. Hope it inspires you.

It can be hard to rise above what is happening in our own lives, and around us. But . . . it’s a new year – a great time for change, focus, and priorities.


I haven’t shared a lot about the past five years and why I’ve been silent, but I can sum up those years with what’s written in the acknowledgment section of “In Time and Sage” (Book 3 of the Place of Sage Trilogy); and the results of those years, in the first part of my author bio . . .


Things happen, sometimes bad things, and it’s not until later down the road – sometimes much later – that we recognize the gifts in the pain, but they are always there.


And now:


Lyn D. Nielsen knows first-hand how facing death . . . illuminates life; and she writes accordingly, embracing drama, adventure, and mystery to inspire her readers – especially through the dark times.


So, that’s my continued plan for the year, along with thanking God for each new day.


What is your plan? What will you do with the circumstances in your life? Take that deep breath . . . and start.

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