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We Love our Friends!

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 Hey Lyn… wanted you to know that we had a good time at your book reveal. The following morning, my grandson, Jayden, was singing the cute song “Hey There’s A Dog On My Feet” that you wrote to go along with your book presentation. Thanks for the invite and wishing you much success in the years to come.–Kristina, Marysville, WA

My Friend Lyn, read your books again… Funny how different times in my life I pick them up and each time with different circumstances it fits to give me strength, wisdom, and patience. My family, friends, co-workers and people that cross my path appreciate your words 🙂 God has surely ran his heart through your pen… Thank you! Your words are appreciated and calming…as you are. Your friend and follower, Cindy Hill

At Coulee City Book Event

So…on a recent trip to visit family, I grabbed Place of Sage on the way out the door, thinking it would be perfect for a 2-hour plane ride. There I am, happily reading along with a diet coke on my tray table, in between two very tall men. (Really, how do the air companies think these guys can fit in those seats?)

Some books are so great you can read them twice; and I am just moving along, when all of a sudden, the eyes start to well up – you know the part. I start to think if I keep reading, I am going to need a tissue soon, then what. I can’t reach my carry-on at the floor without laying my head on one of the men’s knees! I finally had to stop about 20 pages from the end, or I would have had to use someone’s sleeve to wipe my eyes.

Lyn, you can pull the emotions from your readers, even at 30,000 feet and cruising speed. Love your smile and books . –Roxanne

Monroe Book Event

The best, most moving book that I have read in a very long time has to be Place of Sage by Lyn D. Nielsen. This is a story for everyone; it is about life, love, faith, hopes and dreams. It will change you and have you asking for more! I highly recommend this book and give it the highest rating of 5 stars.–Nancy, Washington

Polecat and Place of Sage

My name is Scotty from Bothell, Washington. This Lyn D. author should be pleased with her newest book. I enjoyed reading it; yes that’s right, me, Scotty read a book. First time in years to be exact.

Congrats, Lyn, you can teach an old dog to read a book. Oh, by the way, I very much enjoyed reading your book. I hope to see more writings from Lyn D. in the future. –Scotty (who read your book)


Lyn, you are an incredible person and writer. Your book was wonderful…I will read it again soon. It was so touching and filled with emotion, like books should be. I was “there” over and over…and your description of the locations in our area made me think about how special “home” in the Basin of sage, really is. I look forward to your next book! –Cindy Sell, near the Place of Sage


I loved your story, Lyn. And I love you! May you, Dan, and Dion have a blessed and peace filled, prosperous life! –Becky Roberts


Lyn, I read it in one sitting Saturday! What a wonderful story/gift! Thanks for giving this guy (me), a story about facing (death) one’s mortality with strength, dignity, grace, and the willingness to be lead by a force greater than oneself, and still making it a story (for the feminine in me) about connection, commitment to others, and love of family. –Gordon, Kenmore, WA


Lyn, thank you for coming to the Book Barn in Unionville, MO. It was a wonderful evening for us and hopefully for you too. Went home and read your book the same evening. Took it to my book club the next day and gave you a fantastic review. Helen Keller said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” That’s what makes these pages so wonderful.

We live on a lake and have seen the eagle in our front yard, watched the skunk march across the porch, caught the fish flopping by the shore and enjoy the solitude with trees. Isn’t the master plan so much bigger than we ever dreamed!

By the way, Jean Stratton Porter, had a summer home in Indiana and we went to a wedding held in the gardens. She was an environmentalist long before it became popular to write about it. Glad you appreciate her literary works. May you be continually blessed as you follow your master plan. –Carol McGrew