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Hey, There’s a Dog On My Feet!

Place of Sage Books - Book for Children - Hey, There's a Dog on my Feet!

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Gift-wrapped in a rhyming story of 8 dogs, 3 kids, a wise grandma and an earthquake; this story presents God’s inspiring message  for children of how much He loves them, and that no matter what happens, He is always right there with them. A message that uplifts, calms, & inspires children to think differently, especially when they are scared. Suitable for children ages 4 and up.

Let’s leap into the story!

“Tell us a story, Place of Sage Book for children... Tell us a story, Grandma...Grandma!” said Ezzie, the oldest of three. “Tell us about when you were a kid, when you were nine like me.”
“Yeah!” shouted Marcos, the middle child, with Cars, the youngest,nodding too.
“Tell us about an earthquake—like we had—were you scared? What did you do?”
“No, Grandma,” pleaded Ezzie. “Not that kind of story… not about earthquakes, please!”
“But, Ezzie, what if my story has dogs in it. Bitsy and HummerWould that set your mind at ease?”
“Yeah, Ezzie!” blurted Marcos. “You love dogs! Would that be okay with you?”Tiller and Gus

“Well, maybe if there are dogs in it,” said Ezzie. “And more than a few.”

Buddy“Then snuggle up, my punkins!” exclaimed Grandma Joy. “Have I got a story for you!”


Hey, There’s a Dog on My Feet! by Lyn D. Nielsen is an adorable storybook with a good message for children. Ezzie, the oldest of three children, asks her grandmother to tell them a story. She does not want a story about earthquakes, but Grandmother tells her that she will make the story more interesting by having dogs in it.
So the three kids, Ezzie, Marcos, and Cars, snuggle up to their grandmother to listen to the story. The story conveys a beautiful message of how God loves everyone and never gives up on anyone, even during bad times. And the comparisons of the traits of dogs with that of God makes it even more charming.
 I found the concept extremely useful to kids and the author’s way of conveying it is also delightful. The illustrations are excellent, full of energy and life, and give a good pace and movement to the scenes. They also breathe life into all the characters. The dogs in the story are also as charming as the kids, Ezzie, Marcos, and Cars.
The book is an excellent bedtime storybook and parents and grandparents can have it in their personal collection to tell their kids and grandkids about God and His presence in everyone’s lives. It can also be used for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries.
Stories like this with a message and a concept are ideal for children as they understand the concept and the message better when narrated with the help of a story and colorful illustrations.
 ~~Mamta Madhavan, Readers’ Favorite
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Place of Sage Books for Teens – Adults

Welcome to the inspiring series about an ordinary family that journeys through extraordinary situations; showing us all that no matter how dark the days, we are never alone… God always has a plan, and with Him nothing is impossible.


Place of Sage, series book #1

Place of Sage Books - Book #1

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The first book of Lyn’s inspiring series, and the one based on her real family; Place of Sage presents a story of hope, faith and courage that reminds us all that no matter what we are going through, God is there with a Master plan.

~On their road trip to Place of Sage, Kayla Stemple is prompted by her daughter, and One voice, to tell the real story – one she has resisted for exactly twenty years – of how her ordinary family journeyed through an extraordinary situation… all because of the One voice.~

The Stemples invite you into their family as their extraordinary journey unfolds.


  From the cover

“Lyn D. Nielsen has a compelling voice and tells a delightful story. Uplifting and inspirational,this book is a great read.” —Terry Burns, author of “To Keep a Promise” and “Don’t I Know You?”~

“They are with me, Lyn, those who are of the Place of Sage. They follow me through life like wise old friends. I hear their voices, and feel the wisdom of their experience everyday…they lifted me up in the worst of times, and their story continues to grow in my heart.” —Deanna Brown, In the Loop Productions ~

“As I got to know Jamie and Luke, I felt like they were family. The communication with God was awesome…and even now I smell the sage. There is so much to talk about…I think I should read it again.” —Robert T. O’Dell, artist and musician ~

“I couldn’t put it down, I wanted to keep reading. I found myself visualizing this “Place of Sage”…and there is more…much more! It’s time to get ready—read this book. Thank you, Lyn D. Nielsen, for writing it.” —Barbara Rey, Creative Talent Development ~

The Road Back to Sage, series book #2

Place of Sage Books - Book #2

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The Stemple family welcomes you back into their lives with a fast-moving story that’s only possible because with God nothing is impossible.

~It’s opening night for a new film in Seattle, and as a crowd gathers outside the theatre, Kayla Stemple shares another story that take us back to Place of Sage… but not the way you might imagine.~

The Road Back to Sage reminds us once again that even in our darkest days, there is hope, strength, and a Master plan at work.

  From the cover

“Reading Place of Sage was such a pleasure that I was anxious to know more. The Road Back to Sage gave me what I hoped for. What amazed me most was the dramatic, page-turning journey I was propelled into. The tale moves us at high speed; danger and love are present everywhere, and along with the characters we find strengths we didn’t know we had. The writing flows easily and delights frequently. I loved this book!”
—S. Gordon Leftenant, MD, Anesthesiologist ~

“Once again, Lyn brings home not only a great read, but a down to earth message. Lyn’s love for life shines through in all she does. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. She’s done it again! Thanks, Lyn, for The Road Back to Sage.”
—ShirleyRae Maes, Editor/Publisher/Owner, News Standard ~


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