Our Events for Children

 It’s Shout Out Loud Time with Hey, There’s a Dog on My Feet!

Gift-wrapped in a rhyming story of 8 dogs, 3 kids, a wise grandma and an earthquake; God’s inspiring message shows children how much He loves them, and that no matter what happens, He is always right there with them – and that’s not all!

It’s Shout Out Loud Time! is the high-energy, interactive presentation designed to bring God’s personal message right to the children in your life – through storytelling, video & song – free of charge!

And it works…

“Lyn D. Nielsen’s interactive presentation of ‘Hey, There’s a Dog on my Feet!’ was a spectacular hit during our church’s fun family night. She had the children and adults at full attention through her very polished, memorized oration of her beautiful storybook. With a video on the big screen, interactive fun, and dog paw stickers on us all… Lyn’s warm personality and winning smile were the icing on the cake. She brought a smile and a giggle from us all…regardless of age. This is one presentation you won’t want to miss!”

 ~~ Hey, There’s a Dog on my Feet Fan!
 Karen A. Cooper
Hartline Assembly of God, WA

Our Events for children

“I have had the pleasure of seeing children listen to and read Lyn’s new book and they thoroughly enjoy it. The world can be a scary place and Lyn reminds us that God is always with us – just like a faithful companion, always ready to provide comfort. The illustrations help tell a compelling story.”

~~Malcolm Keithley, M&M Productions, Wenatchee, WA

Our Events for children

“Thank you, Author Lyn D. Nielsen, for the invite to your new book event… the boys loved it, the message was heartwarming… my daughter and I knew the boys loved it ’cause all the way home, with windows rolled down, they yelled out to all passersby ‘HEY, THERE’S A DOG ON MY FEET! HEY ,HEY, HEY…’

… and weeks later, they’ve still got it… thank you again! Another success without a doubt.”  

~~ Cindy, Snohomish, WA

Our Events for children

Would you like  a presentation for your group of children?

It's Shout Out Loud Time with Hey, There's a Dog on My Feet! Seventh Day Adventist Church, Monroe, WA

The possibilities are endless and include…

  • Disaster relief
  • fundraising events
  • Community outreach
  • Support for your program

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Our Events for children

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Our Events for children

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