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Author Lyn D. Nielsen





Lyn D. Nielsen writes the Place of Sage Books to inspire us through dark times by showing that God is always with us, and now she’s released a book for children titled,  Hey, There’s a Dog on my Feet!     

When asked why she wrote this rhyming book, her answer is right to the point: “God wants children to know and remember that when dark times come, He is right there with them.  So, how could I not write it? I’m grateful to be a part of this.”

But, as a shy child and hermit at heart, Lyn was never one to speak on stage, and decided early on to play it safe as an author – be one of those mysterious, reclusive types that nobody ever sees.  So she thought… she’s a classic example of how God takes ordinary people and does the most surprising things.

As a self-proclaimed klutz and melanoma survivor sporting a tough-looking scar, she’s learned how to laugh at herself, and the effect on others is inspiring.  She loves the Lord with all her heart (is grateful for His grace and sense of humor), and is passionate about her calling. Her presentations leave audiences of all ages entertained, uplifted, and humming a certain tune; and through her events, she’s able to gift her children’s book to children in crisis and support senior meal programs.

Lyn lives in Washington State, where she loves the outdoors – especially when wearing motorcycle or hiking boots. She’s still married to her high school sweetheart, has two great kids and three of the cutest grandkids in the world.  Is that what all grandparents say?

If there was one song that could sum up who Lyn is and why she does what she does, it would be this one – Click to Listen.

To learn more of her personal Place of Sage story, we invite you to watch an interview that was difficult for her to do.  Click to Watch

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