How do You See Your Birthday?

How do you see your birthday?  

This question became very real this year – a wise revelation from my brave sister, who is fighting (and winning) a year-long, complicated battle with cancer.

When I asked Nancy how she wanted to celebrate her birthday – one that, months before she didn’t know if she’d see – she replied with, “I want to start a new year and feel alive again. I’m so thankful to have a new year.”

So, we celebrated  with a New Year’s party – complete with decorations, fireworks, many shouts of “Happy New Year, Nancy!” and a song with lyrics of Happy New Year to you, Happy New Year to you… you get the drift. It was awesome!

AlthoughHow do you see your birthday?, I do wonder what my neighbors must think. I haven’t heard from them, but… with those shouts of “Happy New Year, Nancy!” that lasted well into the night and the fact that it was June, well… 🙂


Two weeks later it was my turn, and that morning, a verse I hadn’t thought of for a long time scrolled through my mind – Jeremiah 1:5. It talks about how before we are born, God knows us, loves us, and designs our years for us.

I thought about the years of my life… the good ones, the rough ones, the ones I wish I could do over – differently, better; my struggles and failures, the things I need to do, should do, but haven’t done yet… and the fact that God knows all of this – about each of us, long before we do – and that our birthdays, as Nancy has shown me, are His gift to us of a new year, a fresh start.

So, my birthday was, as Nancy’s was, a day to embrace, not dread. A day of thankfulness spent with family.

I’m so thankful my sister is going to live, and I praise God for the miracles in her life. As I think about my family, and the four generations that were together that day, I stand in awe at God’s design, His plan… the one that begins long before we are born… and His gift of each new year.

So I ask you, How do you see your birthday? 

And on your special day, I wish you Happy New Year, My Friend!


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