How do You See Your Birthday?

How do you see your birthday?  

This question became very real this year – a wise revelation from my brave sister, who is fighting (and winning) a year-long, complicated battle with cancer.

When I asked Nancy how she wanted to celebrate her birthday – one that, months before she didn’t know if she’d see – she replied with, “I want to start a new year and feel alive again. I’m so thankful to have a new year.”

So, we celebrated  with a New Year’s party – complete with decorations, fireworks, many shouts of “Happy New Year, Nancy!” and a song with lyrics of Happy New Year to you, Happy New Year to you… you get the drift. It was awesome!

AlthoughHow do you see your birthday?, I do wonder what my neighbors must think. I haven’t heard from them, but… with those shouts of “Happy New Year, Nancy!” that lasted well into the night and the fact that it was June, well… 🙂


Two weeks later it was my turn, and that morning, a verse I hadn’t thought of for a long time scrolled through my mind – Jeremiah 1:5. It talks about how before we are born, God knows us, loves us, and designs our years for us.

I thought about the years of my life… the good ones, the rough ones, the ones I wish I could do over – differently, better; my struggles and failures, the things I need to do, should do, but haven’t done yet… and the fact that God knows all of this – about each of us, long before we do – and that our birthdays, as Nancy has shown me, are His gift to us of a new year, a fresh start.

So, my birthday was, as Nancy’s was, a day to embrace, not dread. A day of thankfulness spent with family.

I’m so thankful my sister is going to live, and I praise God for the miracles in her life. As I think about my family, and the four generations that were together that day, I stand in awe at God’s design, His plan… the one that begins long before we are born… and His gift of each new year.

So I ask you, How do you see your birthday? 

And on your special day, I wish you Happy New Year, My Friend!


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8 Responses to How do You See Your Birthday?

  1. Cindy hill says:

    With each moment we find its the pleasures of a beating heart and a breath that God has truly gifted us… for all birthday’s, humbly I praise God for his undying gifts he bestowed on myself,family,friends . To walk amonest the treasures of wisdom of never taking moment’s for granted,not even the smallest they all have such meaning and depth to rise above all the rough journey’s as you and your family have. Thank God for his strength and guidance to bring us through such trying times in our life. Thank you Lyn for sharing your personal journey with us and showing with love and learning to hold tight to inner faith you can begin each birthday as a New Year <3

    • Thank you, Cindy! You are a treasured friend, and one whose words have touched my heart for many years. Thank you. You are loved by many, and I’m blessed to be one of them.

  2. Patrick shoe says:

    Very nice! I am touched

  3. Sheri hamlow says:

    Wonderful message! Each day is a new day – living in God’s Grace and mercy.
    Don’t know if you remember – Sheri Hamlow from vashon

  4. Teresa Carey says:

    Forever the optimist. Keep up the good work. Inspires me !

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