It’s all About the Dogs

I don’t usually combine the blog with Bookin’ with Bitsy & Lyn – our newsletter, but… it is Children’s Book Week, and we have some great things to show you.  So, we’re doing it! Hope you like it.

It’s National Children’s Book Week (May 2-8), and around our office, it’s all about the dogs. This is Bitsy…


It all started with a great review they received  – and pretty cool that it came right before Children’s Book Week.  Click here to read review!  And it didn’t stop here…

They were so excited about this review that they insisted on making their own book trailer. They hope you will like it, send them comments, and share it with all your friends.  🙂 And for their sake, I hope you do, too, it’s hard to watch them pout.  Click here to watch trailer!  And it didn’t stop here, either…

Then they decided that we should celebrate Children’s Book Week with a special e-book offer for all our friends.  They said it is a great, inexpensive way for everyone to be able to read their book before purchasing a print copy.  How could I say “no” to that?

So… for the entire week: Monday, May 2nd –  Sunday, May 8th (which is Mother’s Day!), Hey, There’s a Dog on My Feet! Kindle Edition is on sale for .99 cents.  And you don’t have to own a Kindle, either.  On the book page (left side) is a free Kindle app that let’s you download to any reading device.  Click here for Amazon book page!

See what I’m dealing with?  Give the dogs a little credit, and they’re all big wheels! Bitsy’s already hounding me about what’s next.

Hope you enjoy Children’s Book Week!

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