The What ifs and Something Else

This post started out as something else; and while thinking it through, I realized that something else is exactly what I’ve been doing when it comes to the hardest part of my calling.

There are many reasons why I can’t start my new speaking events.  Some of my favorites are: being too tired after working in the OR all week – and everyone around me knows I can’t talk in complete sentences by Friday afternoon; and what if I stutter and can’t remember what to say?  What if I trip walking up to the stage?  I’m the biggest klutz I know.  I run into walls that haven’t been moved and even trip in my dreams.  What if I get sick again?  My health has not been the best.  What if they hate my message, my clothes, and my hair – which I just chopped up again?  What if I fail?

What if, what if, what if….

When it comes to our calling, it’s easy to quit before we even get started – the what ifs are exhausting, so let’s do something else.

But, what if instead… we know that the One who placed our calling in our hearts, and wrapped it in our dreams; will provide everything we need to follow it through.

Shouldn’t we then be brave enough to step out of our comfort zone and get started?


What do you say we do this together? Let’s take a deep breath, reach up for His hand, and take a giant step out to follow our calling.

I’ll book that first presentation, and the proof will be on my website (which you can subscribe to); and I hope you’ll share with me how you’ve stepped out, too.

So, be courageous, my friend!  Your calling is worth it.  And thank you for taking this journey with me.

PS: I’m counting on God for articulate speech, walking with grace, good health; and since He has a great sense of humor, I’m adding good hair, too.

What are you counting on?

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3 Responses to The What ifs and Something Else

  1. Cindy Hill says:

    God will always be my foundation,my rock to lead me and give me strength! More times than not he has been there with the answers needed even when my eyes are closed…your words are well
    spoken and carry the weight of your heart. Bless you and your cheerful Heart Ms. Lyn My Friend 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comment, and for sharing! Hope you have a beautiful day!

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